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10 Ombré Hair Ideas to Inspire Your Fall Color

Take these ombre hair ideas with you to your next hair appointment and get the two-tone look you've been seeking.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 05:39 AM
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If you're looking for a subtle way to shake up your hair color for fall, put these ombre hair ideas on your list.

"Ombre hair is popular because the soft fade from dark gives you the lift of highlights without the maintenance," says Maddison Cave from the David Mallett salon in New York. "It’s usually something you can let grow out for a while because having a root is part of the look."

As if the fact that it's a low-maintenance look is not enough of a perk, ombre hair can also give the illusion that your lightened up look is natural, Cave says. You can achieve this by asking for a "tone on tone" look, creating less contrast between light and dark hair colors, she says.

"[It's] like you’ve been in the sun all summer," Cave says.

Of course, you can also play around with bold colors, like rose gold, silver, blue and purple. Keep scrolling to find the ombre look that will work for you.

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1. Red Ombre

Dark red fades to a warmer red tone, giving this look a fiery appearance.

2. Ashy Blonde Ombre

Take medium brown hair to sun-kissed blonde with this ombre style.

3. Rose Gold Ombre

Dark roots lend an edgy vibe to this rose gold ombre look.

4. Brown Ombre

Barely there dark to light ombre adds a finishing touch to this angled lob.

5. Steel Gray Ombre

Dark and light gray tones give hair a cool vibe — the killer bob doesn't hurt either.

6. Chestnut Brown Ombre

Chestnut brown hair fades to blonde for a lightened-up look, adding dimension to this trendy lob.

7. Lavender Smoke Ombre

OK, is there a more magical look than this ombre style, fading from subtle lavender to silver?

8. Blonde Ombre

Blonde on blonde — one shade a bit darker than the other — creates this ombre look.

9. Chocolate Ombre

This ombre look is like dark and milk chocolate had a baby.

10. Purple and Pink Ombre

Stylist Guy Tang combined violet and pink for this bewitching look.

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