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Cobbler Concierge Launches Online Shoe Repair

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  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 13:06 PM

Cobbler Concierge introduces online shoe repair.

Let's just say it's been a long winter in New York City. Months of trekking through snow and navigating slippery sidewalks (not to mention the occasional wipe out) have left my shoes longing for better days. Needless to say, I was pumped to hear about the launch of Cobbler Concierge, a brand-new online service for shoe and handbag repairs.

To get started, I created an online account and placed an order detailing how much TLC my beaten-up ankle boots needed. As my go-to commuting kicks, this included polishing, shining, re-soling, and heel repair. The Cobbler Concierge team sent a prepaid box of shipping materials right to my doorstep. I packed up my shoes and sent the box back. Cobbler Concierge got to work on restoring my boots in their N.Y.C warehouse, then shipped the final product back to me within three days in like-new condition. The cost is a flat fee of $40 per pair of women's shoes, which includes all repairs.

What I loved the most about the service was the minimal effort on my part. From start to finish the whole process required about 10 minutes of my time, which definitely beats lugging my shoes to a repair shop on a Saturday morning, only to go back a few days later to pick up. The final verdict? My fave boots will live to see another season.

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