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Crazy Internet Hair Tutorials

The craziest Internet hair tutorials you shouldn't try at home

  • Posted on 16th Apr, 2022 03:27 AM
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Another day, another wacky hair tutorial that’s gone viral on the Internet. Thanks to the many beauty enthusiasts on YouTube and Instagram, it’s guaranteed that at least one of these jaw-dropping videos have made it onto your social media feeds. Some of the tricks turn out stunningly and look too easy to actually be true, while others are so terrifying you’ll reconsider ever cutting or styling your hair again. Whatever the tutorials' outcome, watching them is always entertaining. We’ve put together a list of some of the craziest how-tos that you may have scrolled past on your feed. We suggest watching them, but definitely don’t try these techniques at home.

Camilia Bravo’s Twist Bang Trim

Camilia makes trimming your own bangs look as simple as making a twist. But, as someone who has had bangs most of her life and has done quite a few DIY trims, I can confirm that there is no way this method would go down as smoothly at home.

Beautyblender Hair Strobing

It’s undeniable that Beautyblenders are game-changing when it comes to applying makeup. This tutorial by U.K.-based stylist Jamie Stevens, takes the sponge off of the face and onto the hair as a method of applying strobe-like multicolored highlights. While we applaud his creativity, the ultra-absorbing sponge may make distributing the color evenly difficult for non-pros. Also, with Beautyblenders running $20 a pop it's not the most cost-effective DIY technique we've seen.

Kool Aid Hair Dye

We do not advocate using household appliances on your children (or anyone else) to create a hairstyle.

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