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Do LED Light Facials Actually Work?

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  • Posted on 16th Apr, 2022 03:36 AM

We spoke to a skincare pro to find out if the treatment lives up to the hype.

LED light facials may look (and seem) like a treatment better suited to someone who considers the Millennium Falcon their primary source of transportation, but over here in a galaxy not so far away, more and more spas are starting to incorporate an LED light into their existing lineup.

Sure, it's cool in theory, but does the treatment actually work? "NASA released important research in the '80s showing that certain light frequencies stimulate biological functions in the skin," explains Judit Galambosi, lead therapist at The Erno Laszlo Institute. "The light is absorbed by the skin cells, converting light energy into cellular energy, and this accelerates tissue growth. It stimulates collagen production, promotes healing and cell rejuvenation, and also can kill bacteria." Different light frequencies are represented by different colors, and the wavelengths vary in size. Think back to your high school science class days for a minute: long light frequencies don't carry a lot of energy, while shorter wavelengths can carry more.

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Consider the issues you want to tackle, and your esthetician should choose a light color to help combat the problem. "Near infared lights are the longest, and aid in healing the skin by stimulating deeper levels of cell activity. Red stimulates collagen production, and also helps with healing as well as intercellular communication," Galambosi explains. "Yellow tones and tightens the muscle with a detoxifying effect, and green is good for vascular activities like redness, rosacea, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Blue can relax muscles and aid in cell communication, while violet, the shortest, kills bacteria."

Unlike many skin treatments, every complexion type can benefit from this, with those who are prone to breakouts or redness seeing the most dramatic results (though whatever your skin type, if you're pregnant, check with your doctor before booking your appointment). Depending on the issue you want to tackle, LED light facials are gentle enough to do two to three times a week for a four-week period to get the fastest results, though we'd recommend letting your skin and budget be your guide on just how often to light up.

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