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Hilary Duff Dyes Her Hair Pink

Take a look at her new 'do here!

  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 13:16 PM
Hilary Duff Dyes Her Hair Pink Image

It looks like Hilary Duff isn't exactly feeling blue anymore ... Yesterday on Instagram, the star posted a shot of her new pink and purple strands, which she paired with a coordinating bold lip and bedazzled jacket.

The change comes only a month after she ditched her Lizzie McGuire blonde for a dramatic aqua shade, and in doing so, had her son Luca convinced she was a mermaid. "He saw me and he was like, 'Are you a mermaid, mom? Are you a mermaid?'" she previously told InStyle. "He's so funny because he could not figure out what color it was. He doesn't have aqua in his repertoire yet, so it was adorable."

To be fair, aqua isn't the exclusive hair color of choice for sea sirens---Princess Ariel certainly knew how to work her bold auburn, and while Hilary's 'do is only a few shades lighter on the spectrum, we're feeling more of a punk rock Jem and the Holograms vibe than The Little Mermaid.

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