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How to Wear a Midi Skirt

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  • Posted on 16th Apr, 2022 03:27 AM

These are the best ways to style a midi skirt according to celebrity stylist Judy Len.

Now that the spring has officially arrived, we just can’t wait to break out our favorite skirts. The midi length, a favorite of fashion "it" girls and bloggers, has become a seasonal staple. Between its fun and playful silhouette and its ability to take you from day to night, it’s no wonder this piece has become beloved. And no matter your body type—tall, petite, or curvy—this skirt looks incredibly flattering with the right styling. So, in an attempt to help you look your best this season, we turned to Judy Len stylist to Jamie Chung for her tips and tricks to wearing the midi skirt.

“The length of a midi skirt is very important, and if it's too short or too long, it can really make a difference,” Len says. “It should hit right in the middle of your shin where your legs start thinning out. You want to make sure it hits on the most flattering part of your legs.”

Once you’ve found a midi skirt that’s just the right length, the next thing you need to focus on is what to wear it with. “For spring, the best way to style a midi skirt would be with a crop top or a blouse that you could tuck in,” Len says. "If your midi skirt is in a heavier fabric or a print, I would stick to a more neutral or solid top. It will be a better balance.”

And when it comes to footwear, she explains, “the most flattering shoe to wear with a midi skirt would be a two strap high heel. It gives you enough height, plus it's it makes this specific skirt look proportional.”

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