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Inside Phelan's N.Y.C. Trunk Show

Here's what down inside Phelan's New York City trunk show, from the knitwear to the dance performances.

  • Posted on 16th Apr, 2022 03:22 AM
Inside Phelan's N.Y.C. Trunk Show Image

Just one month after her second solo collection debuted at New York Fashion Week, Amanda Phelan is moving full speed ahead. The former Alexander Wang knitwear designer hosted an intimate trunk show at 287 Gallery in New York City Monday night, allowing guests to pre-order pieces from her label Phelan’s fall/winter 2016 collection—months before they hit retailers.

Shoppers excitedly perused an assortment of chunky knits, bedazzled skirts, and glittering bomber jackets while sipping on Champagne. Tracks from Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly thumped through the speakers until midway through the evening, when guests were asked to clear the main area of the room as four dancers from Vim Vigor Dance Company made their way to the center to perform a captivating contemporary routine.

It was only fitting that Phelan teamed up with Vim Vigor to add a dose of theatrics to her trunk show. The dance theater company performed at both her spring and fall 2016 presentations, and its vibe goes hand in hand with Phelan's innovative vision for her label. As she explained last night, Vim Vigor's performance aids in "informing [the] show’s structure,” and the collaboration is key in "creating work that speaks to a different rhythm than we typically see in this industry.”

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