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Jonathan Adler's Favorite Home Decor Color Combo

Designer Jonathan Adler on how to use gray and navy in bedroom decor.

  • Posted on 16th Apr, 2022 03:36 AM
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When it comes to the room you retreat to each night to catch your Zs, it's key that the decor is clean, serene, and conducive to a restful environment. Consider a color combo that's equal parts calming and timeless, like gray and navy. But also be warned: This pairing can easily go nautical, so unless you're decking out your cabin to hit the high seas, skip stripes all together.

According to designer Jonathan Adler, the freshest way to use these hues in a bedroom is to mix them with other neutrals. "Five shades that play beautifully together are black, camel, gray, navy, and white," he says. The best approach is to use these natural tones as your base (think furniture, paint, flooring, and rugs), then accessorize with abandon. Add in bright pillows (Adler prefers coral, turquoise, and citron) and throw blankets in luxe textures like velvet.

"A varsity move to make a room more feminine is to play with silhouettes instead of color," says Adler. "Rather than a pink pillow or a vase of flowers, introduce a curvy chair. Regardless of what you mix in, Adler advises not to get too caught up in rules. "Just strive to create a nice balance of light and dark," he says. "What makes a room work is striking a balance. If Goldilocks would be happy here, then it's just right."

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