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Kate Beckinsale Isn’t a Brunette Anymore

Kate Beckinsale debuted bright blonde hair and a bob haircut on Instagram. See the 'Jolt' star's unexpected new look here.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 04:52 AM
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Summer 2019 will go down as the one where celebrities couldn't stop changing their hair. While some celebs who've debuted new hair colors in recent weeks, like Emma Roberts and Zendaya, are known for switching up their looks, even stars who rarely experiment with their hair haven't been able to resist hitting up the salon.

Case in point: Kate Beckinsale who just went super blonde. The actress is known for her chocolate brown hair and lived-in, golden balayage highlights, so seeing her with bright blonde hair is pretty shocking. In fact, while scrolling through Instagram we did a double take before realizing the blonde in Beckinsale's post of her new look was Beckinsale.

Along with going blonde, she also has a short bob. The new chin-length cut was styled in loose, messy curls. Combined, the new color and cut is the most dramatic change Beckinsale has ever made to her hair since the one time she went blonde back in 2011.

If you're panicking about her new look, stop freaking out: There is a very good chance she's wearing a wig.

Kate Beckinsale
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Yes, that's right — this total hair transformation is unlikely to be the real deal. Beckinsale is starring Jolt, a millennial action-comedy film. She included #jolt in her post's caption, so it's pretty likely that we're only going to see this hairstyle on screen when the film hits theaters.

Either way, we never thought we'd see Beckinsale with hair this light again, but here we are.

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