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Kendall Jenner Just Won the Bottle Cap Challenge

All others need not attempt.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 04:44 AM
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The latest meme to clog your feed doesn't involve intricate choreography or a Netflix deep cut. Instead, the Bottle Cap Challenge incorporates a common household item with a not-so-common skill: the roundhouse kick. While there are plenty of challengers, there's a clear winner of the latest internet stunt. Kendall Jenner takes the crown with vacation vibes, heavy equipment, and all the swagger of someone who knows how to get the internet's attention.

According to Know Your Meme, the internet's repository of very important information, the Bottle Cap Challenge Started with Taekwondo instructor Farabi Davletchin, who unscrewed a bottle cap with a spinning kick instead of his hands. That was back on June 25, 2019. From there, the flashy move spread thanks to a hashtag and the virality of seeing famous people spin around. Nothing stops an infinite scroll like some high-flying acrobatics. In his original post, Davletchin challenged Jason Statham, bringing the #BottleCapChallenge to Hollywood and flooding social media feeds with impressive and inspired takes.

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This is the one that started it all.

Donny Yen, star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the upcoming live-action remake of Mulan, added an air of mystery to his video, where he added a blindfold.

Ryan Reynolds used the challenge as an opportunity to post some spon con, shilling his line of Aviation Gin.

John Mayer, who was challenged by mixed martial artist Max Holloway (who knew he had such an eclectic group of pals?), racked up 798,000 likes and over four million views in just two days. Mayer also tagged Statham in his video, which is what it took for the high-octane actor to finally give in and take on the challenge himself.

Statham used his action-star training to full effect, making his roundhouse kick look easy.

Mariah Carey one-upped every kick by doing what she does best: using that legendary voice to get it done.

Justin Bieber used his clip as a chance to take a jab at Tom Cruise and challenge his wife, Hailey Bieber.

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Naturally, she accepted.

Kendall Jenner, who was challenged by Hailey, one-upped her ATV (or riding mower, no judgment) and added some H2O and a water scooter. It's everything we love about summer all in one clip. Vacations, bikinis, and getting all the likes.

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