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Kim Kardashian Won $2.7 Million in a Knockoff Lawsuit Against Missguided

What does this mean for Fashion Nova and other fast-fashion sites?

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 04:36 AM
Kim Kardashian Won $2.7 Million in a Knockoff Lawsuit Against Missguided Image

Fast fashion brands may have to slow their roll. According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian just won a lawsuit against Missguided USA. Back in February, Kardashian slapped a lawsuit on the brand, alleging that it used her likeness without her permission to sell lower-priced versions of the clothes that she wore. She was asking for $10 million, but ended up getting $2.7 million, plus $60,000 in legal fees for her troubles. It wasn't a hard-fought battle, however, because Missguided USA never responded to the suit. The $2.7 million was awarded by default.

Kardashian publicly called out fast-fashion brands on Twitter before she filed. In a post showing her in a then-unreleased Yeezy look, she pleaded with fashion labels to at least give her the opportunity to wear the finished product before they made copies of it.

"Fast fashion brands, can you please wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off?" she wrote.

Of course, Missguided, known for copying just about everything Kardashian wears, didn't heed the request. Though the post has been deleted, the brand wrote, "The devil works hard but Missguided works harder. @kimkardashian you’ve only got a few days before this drops online." Instagram account Diet Prada managed to catch it before Missguided took its post down.

Though she has denied it, many people have speculated that Kardashian is actually working with Missguided. People don't think that there is any other way a brand would be able to turn around a design so quickly without some insider info. That goes against Kim's lawsuit, which accused Missguided of not only copying her outfits, but also using her likeness without her permission. The court judge agreed with the statement that Missguided "repeatedly used Kardashian's name and likeness without permission on its social media platforms to promote the sale of its clothing." After the ruling, the company is no longer allowed to use Kim's image or her social media posts to promote itself.

Kim Kardashian In New York City - June 25, 2019
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While Kim is waging war against fast fashion, her family isn't doing the same. Kris and Kylie Jenner have partnered with Fashion Nova, which is also known for its fast-fashion business model and taking inspiration from the famous family's unique brand of personal style. She has called the company out before, which doesn't seem to have stopped her siblings and mother from working with the line.

"My relationships with designers are very important to me. It's taken me over a decade to build them and I have a huge amount of respect for the amount of work that they put into bringing their ideas to life," she tweeted after Fashion Nova copied a vintage Thierry Mugler gown she wore in February. "So, as always, don’t believe everything you read and see online. I don't have any relationships with these sites. I'm not leaking my looks to anyone, and I don't support what these companies are doing."

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