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Lauren Conrad's New Easter Bunnies Help Empower Women

Sold through The Little Market, these Easter bunnies help empower underprivileged women across the globe.

  • Posted on 16th Apr, 2022 03:27 AM
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Lauren Conrad didn’t have a favorite stuffed animal growing up. “I had a blanket. It was like that one, what was it, Linus? That one Peanuts character that has a blanket with him everywhere. I always carried around this little yellow blanket and I think it was called Blanket,” she told InStyle. Despite her childhood preference for blanket comfort objects, the former Laguna Beach star does love cuddly friends.

That’s why she’s once again teamed up with Hannah Skvarla (above, right), her BFF and fellow co-founder of The Little Market (an online retailer that helps support underprivileged women globally), to introduce three adorable Easter bunny plush dolls that’ll not only fulfill your inner little girl’s fantasies, but also help give back to the women in Peru who make them. Available in tan, white, and gray ($26 each; thelittlemarket.com), these smiley, affordable, and super soft 9-inch friends are made of alpaca yarn sourced directly in Peru, where women artists work with Conrad, Skvarla, and their team to create these special toys, and improve their own lives and families.

“It’s sort of a domino effect, when women support other women... the results are amazing,” Conrad told InStyle of the ongoing collaboration, explaining how they’re helping uplift these crafty, expertly skilled groups of leaders. “It helps them feel independent, like they’re helping take care of their household. A lot of times we meet women and they tell us that they get a lot more respect in their families for contributing, which is really great.”

To design each bunny, Conrad and Skvarla worked closely with the women in Peru, who swiftly knit out of their home, to piece together the final product. “A lot of these women have just been knitting their whole lives. Some of the designs come from them and some come from inspiration from us, so every piece is a little different,” she says of their personal-touch approach.

As for what Conrad plans to do once Easter rolls around, it’s all about tradition. “I love an Easter egg hunt,” she revealed. “I know that’s really silly, but my dad would always—we’re a very competitive family—so he always took his egg hiding job very seriously. We would find eggs in the house like in December. He would open up a box and be like, ‘Oh, they’ve been here for a while!’ Obviously they weren’t real eggs, they were the plastic ones. Now, when you get older, there’s some smaller children in our family, so we get to do that a lot more.”

We’re sure a cozy new plush doll would enjoy the hunt, too.

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