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Match the 'Home' Star with their Animated Character

Match the 'Home' Star with their Animated Character Image
  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 12:40 PM

'Home' hits theaters today, and it packs an all-star voice cast. See if you can match the celeb to their animated character.

You may not recognize some of your favorite celebs as animated characters in Home, but you just might be able to identify them by their famous voices when the movie hits theaters today.

The film---which is about a friendly alien race called the Boov who have invaded Earth and are making it their new home---counts Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin, and The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons among its voice cast, and it's no easy feat to figure out which actor is behind each intergalactic persona. Try to match the four stars to their respective characters shown below, and find out how well you did by checking your answers at the bottom of the page.

1. Gratuity "Tip" Tucci

Credit: Home/Facebook

This fearless teen has been on her own since she escaped being captured when the Boov took everyone away. Tip's mission? Keeping the aliens from destroying the planet as she searches for her mom. Fun fact: her sidekick is a cat named Pig.

2. Oh

Credit: Home/Facebook

Oh feels like an outsider among his fellow Boov. After he accidentally reveals his people's whereabouts to their enemies, Oh finds himself a fugitive. He makes a deal to help his new human friend, Tip, find her mother if she helps him run away.

3. Lucy Tucci

Credit: Home/Facebook

Lucy is Tip's mom, and she's desperate to be reunited with her daughter after the two were separated by the Boov.

4. Captain Smek

Credit: Home/Facebook

The leader of the Boov, Captain Smek believes that his people are doing the humans a favor by relocating them as his people begin to reorganize the planet.

Answers: 1. Rihanna; 2. Jim Parsons; 3. Jennifer Lopez; 4. Steve Martin

Check out the trailer for Home, below.

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