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Mercury Retrograde Is Coming — and It's Going to Be a Problem

The July Mercury Retrograde lasts til the end of the month, and it's guaranteed to piss off just about everyone.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 04:37 AM
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We’re officially in the thick of summer — and the temperature isn’t the only that’s rising. On July 7, Mercury will hit its second retrograde of the year in the proud sign of Leo, kicking off three weeks of misunderstandings, hotheaded behavior, and frustrating starts and stops. Mercury retrogrades are rarely pleasant, but this one could be downright painful.

You may recall the emotional rollercoaster ride that was March’s Mercury retrograde, which went down in sensitive Pisces. Where that period chiefly targeted our feelings and relationships, this month’s retrograde will cast a broader shadow and challenge us wherever confusion, pettiness, or battles of ego may occur. In other words, if you hit a rough patch with your S.O. or get embroiled in some workplace beef, Mercury’s backspin could make matters worse. To be clear, you can’t blame Mercury for landing you in these tricky situations, but, once they happen, the messenger planet will undoubtedly have a hand in how you deal with them. And that hand is not going to be the helpful kind.

As you may already know, Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun, which is indicative of how people born under this sign respond to conflict. Not unlike a solar flare, a Leo’s temper may erupt suddenly and with immense intensity. Make no mistake, a Leo always feels justified in their behavior, so even if their emotions seem unprovoked, they certainly have an explanation at the ready. It’s this rare combination of dignity and drama that makes Leonine energy so powerful and, when it’s channeled through Mercury retrograde, so dangerous.

Not only will we have to field the regular inconveniences and social slights that pile up during these periods, we’ll also have to resist the urge to go on the attack the moment something doesn’t go our way. Overreactions and escalations, possibly tinged with more selfishness than we may realize, could abound if we don’t check in with ourselves before we decide to act. One way to counter this combustible influence is, as always is the case during retrogrades, to practice patience and understanding, and, if all else fails, get some physical and emotional space.

If you have no choice but to take a lead role in the retrograde melodrama, do still remember the importance of taking your time and listening before speaking. But also keep in mind that, for all of Leo’s bluster, this sign also has an enormous streak of generosity and warmth. Try to unearth and emulate that side of Leo when the going gets tough.

It should be noted that Mercury will slide into Cancer on July 19 and run out the rest of its retrograde, which will come to an end on the 31st. This quick visit to a water sign could feel like a cool dip in the pool, but it could just as easily drop us into the depths of our feelings in the wake of any fiery confrontations. Got to love a Mercury retrograde that can do both, right?

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