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Netflix and Chill: The Romance Behind Content Streaming

Netflix and Chill: The Romance Behind Content Streaming Image
  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 03:21 AM

A new Netflix study reveals TV and movie streaming preferences-plus when users take the next step and share their passwords.

If you're looking to "Netflix and chill" this Valentine's Day, you may be revealing more about your #relationshipgoals during the Netflix portion of your chill sesh than you think.

According to a newly-released study that the content streaming company conducted using an Ipsos online poll in October 2015, program selection often plays a role in romantic endeavors and vice versa. The relationship study—which surveyed 1,008 American Netflix users between the ages of 18 and 39—determined that 58% of respondents “have added TV shows or specific movie genres to their dating profile to attract a potential suitor,” while only “27% say show-compatibility is important” in a relationship. And it’s the guys who are “significantly more likely” to fall for a partner based on similar taste in content, with 34% feeling smitten with someone based on shared binge-watching habits (compared to 19% of the females polled).

But it’s a stat about those who are beyond the early stages of dating and already full-on coupled-up that piqued our interest the most. It relates to sharing one of the most intimate and personal details about yourself in the modern age: your Netflix password.

According to the findings, “more than half of all respondents feel that sharing their Netflix account is a very big step toward a ‘serious’ relationship.” It's a step that more than half of those surveyed wait to do "until they are dating exclusively,” while “17% wait to be engaged or officially married before sharing an account.” A diamond ring before a Netflix password? Now that's serious. Check out an infographic of the statistics below.

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