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Princess Eugenie's Latest Instagram Is Causing Confusion

Princess Eugenie celebrated Prince Andrew and Fergie's wedding despite their split, causing confusion amongst fans.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 05:43 AM
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Princess Eugenie's parents may have been separated for years now, but she's still celebrating their love — and causing a little bit of confusion among her Instagram followers along the way.

On Wednesday, she posted a photo from Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew's 1986 wedding, writing, "who else has ever forgotten to congratulate their parents on their wedding anniversary! I'm a day late but I wanted to celebrate my parents getting married 33 years ago... Thank you for always being the best of friends and bringing us up together."

Since Fergie and the Duke of York divorced in 1996, people were naturally a little confused as to why she was celebrating their anniversary.

"I wouldn’t celebrate a divorced marriage?! Good they still speak etc, but still?!" one person commented.

"I’m confused, are they back together??? I thought they were divorced???" someone else wrote.

"I would only do it if they were still married I wouldn’t want to upset them if they were divorced," another commenter wrote.

For the most part, though, people celebrated Prince Andrew and Fergie for still being friends and successfully co-parenting their daughters, and even expressed hope that they might get back together one day.

"It would be amazing if they were to re-marry... a first within the royal family surely?" one person wrote.

Eugenie has once called her parents "the best divorced couple I know," adding that they always went out of their way to make her and her sister Princess Beatrice "feel secure."

But when asked by the Daily Mail in 2010 if he and Fergie would ever get married again, Prince Andrew said, "No. We are both in a better place. It’s because we are in a better place which is probably why we are able to remain such close friends. We have two great kids. We do things together as a family."

Even if a reunion isn't in the cards, it sounds like Prince Andrew and Fergie have remained on great terms.

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