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Rohan Marley Spills the Beans on Marley Coffee

Rohan Marley Spills the Beans on Marley Coffee Image
  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 12:50 PM

Bob Marley's song, Rohan, talks special blends and valve technology.

It could've been easy for Rohan Marley to follow in his famous father's footsteps and become a reggae artist. Instead, the former University of Miami linebacker decided to cement his family legacy through an entirely different medium: coffee.

"Football wasn't connecting with my Rasta spirit," he tells InStyle. It turns out, his burgeoning caffeine venture hits all right notes, although it admittedly took the 42-year-old entrepreneur a long time to find his true calling (he counts pro football and launching a clothing line among his previous careers).

On a recent visit to InStyle HQ to share his eponymous company's new beverage offerings, including a collaboration with the highly sought-after Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Marley recounted his childhood growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, where he currently grows and sources coffee beans. After about an hour of hard listening later, it became apparent that his latest business endeavor is in many ways a heartfelt homage to his father, Bob Marley—all the signs are in the packaging.

Here, we explicate a bag of Marley's favorite blend:

Marley Coffee
Credit: Courtesy; Alyssa Hoersten for InStyle.com

Want to stir it up at home? Nab a bag of Marley Coffee for $12 at deananddeluca.com.

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