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See the Dreamy Looks from Honor's Spring Collection

Watch the debut film featuring Honor's Spring Collection.

  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 13:06 PM
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We couldn't get enough of Honor’s frothy and feminine spring collection when it sauntered down the Fashion Week runway in February. And now, as though the label read our mind, they've created a short film inspired by designer Giovanna Randall's sweet vision. Perhaps best described as a psychedelic fantasy, the story follows a young debutante (played by Homeland actress Morgan Saylor), on a trippy journey of love and fashion---set inside a candy-filled mansion.

"As I designed this collection, I imagined a woman who gets swept away by a real charmer—the type of guy that can wear a floral blazer and get away with it," Randall tells InStyle. "She becomes transformed by their encounter and her style evolves from buttoned-up to a little more wild. This video encapsulates the shift as soft whites become candy-coated, bright colors emerge, and then we land on a vibrant fleur-de-lis print."

The film, which also features Orange Is The New Black star Natasha Lyonne, is a visually stunning way to experience the collection's playful spirit. Shot at the grand Woolworth Estate in Glen Cove, New York, the sugary sets that mirror the clothes' candy-button pearl embellishment don't just look good enough to eat---they actually are. "The candy room alone took three days to build," says writer and director Rachel Fleit, who worked closely with Randall on her vision. "The crew was adding more cotton candy to the walls even as we were setting up the shots." Check out the confection of a film below.

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