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Selma Blair Wrote a Powerful Message of Self-Love While Fighting MS

Selma Blair opened up about fighting multiple sclerosis, penning a powerful message of self-love.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 05:23 AM
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Ever since announcing her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in October 2018, Selma Blair has been candid with fans about her physical and mental health. The actor enlisted her son to help shave her head earlier this summer (after explaining that it became difficult to lift her arms in order to brush her hair), and back in January, she stepped out on the Vanity Fair Oscar Party red carpet with a personalized cane to help with walking.

In a new Instagram post on July 18, Blair opened up further about her emotional health, highlighting her own personal form of self-care: horseback riding. The 47-year-old shared a sweet #TBT photo of herself kissing the nose of a white horse. “After I gave birth and felt half dead all the time, after the rage and the tears, after my heart exploded with caring and understanding, before any diagnosis, I searched for this horse,” Blair wrote, adding that she ultimately found a way to love herself at Cellar Door Farm, a Los Angeles-based equestrian show barn.

Eventually, according to Blair’s post, she found a horse with whom she fully connected. “#mrnibbles,” she wrote. “We only had a short time before I couldn’t even get to him or stay on. But he has come so far.”

Blair’s emotional message then turned to her own health, acknowledging the journey she has in front of her. “And even though I may seem like I have gone farther away, I am learning and getting healthier,” she said. “Even as I get seemingly sicker. I will jump this horse around again.” She ended her powerful Instagram with a pledge to ride again, in order to find what makes her feel loved. “I am asking for it all. I am asking. For all of us who want it. Ask. Ask. Listen. I have the unicorn. Now I have to be able to find him again.”

It’s clear that Blair’s transparency about her health — and the resiliency with which she is fighting — has resonated with her fans and followers. “You’re teaching me to find the light again, and I’m hoping to use my experiences to do the same for others in the dark,” one person wrote. Another commented: “You give us so much hope. You deserve everything.”

The actor's positive outlook has become a common theme on her Instagram page. In May, she shared another intimate look at her battle with MS, writing: “I feel sick as all hell. I am vomiting and all the things which are not polite to speak of.” But, like her most recent update, Blair had no intention of surrendering to the pain. “I am going to get through this,” she promised. “We do. This will pass…. So glad this is me and not my child. I cannot imagine ever feeling ok again…. But it’s still morning. We will get through.”

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