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Shades of the Season

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  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 13:03 PM

Our friends at Baby G have us covered with the introduction of the new G-SHOCK watch series.

There are some accessories that are as fundamentally integrated into our daily routines as our cell phones – handbags, shoes, the perfect spring jacket – so our need for them extends beyond the basic lustful desires of a new wardrobe addition. Take watches, for example. You’ll never catch us without one, and if you do, chances are we’re running extremely behind schedule. Whether being used to incorporate a hint of glamour into your getup, or strictly speaking to your tougher, more utilitarian nature, your watch collection should be equal parts elegance and strength to speak to all facets of your personality. Luckily for us, our friends at G-SHOCK have us covered with the introduction of their new G-SHOCK S Series – a collection of classic accessories with a modern twist for every type of wrist-taker out there.


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For the successful over-achiever, indulge in a bit of golden splendor with the Gold G-SHOCK GMA-S110GD-4A1. There’s nothing wrong with a little luxury, so sport the hue of prosperity and championship that won’t let your wrist go unnoticed.


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For the “Lady in Red,” you’re a passionate leader who commands the attention of any room. Exert your energy with a strong, bold shade, like the like the Red Rose G-SHOCK GMA-S110F-4A, while still maintaining your femininity with the floral wristband that evokes as much emotion as you do.


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For the powerful and the prestigious, choose a shade that’s as influential as you are, like the Black Rose G-SHOCK GMA-S110F-1A with a floral-patterned wristband. There’s a little mystery inside of every woman, so allow your covert side to come out in the sleekest of ways.


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The sexiest part of a woman is her mind, so for the intellectual who is as conscious of her body as she is her brilliance, find a striking alternative with the Blue Rose G-SHOCK GMA-S110F-2A. Whether you’re entertaining your travel bug or encouraging your inner power woman, this sky blue shade with an intricate floral wristband will help keep your busy brain at ease.


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You’re basking in the light of positivity, so for the woman who is as successful as she is optimistic, it’s imperative to treat your angelic spirit to a dose of pure sophistication, like the White Rose G-SHOCK GMA-S110F-7A with floral detailing.

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