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The $28 Hair Mask That Totally Transformed My Lifeless, Dry Hair

Ouai's Hair Treatment Masque turned my dry, frizzy hair smooth and silky, healing my split ends. Here's my review.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 05:30 AM
The $28 Hair Mask That Totally Transformed My Lifeless, Dry Hair Image

A few months ago, in an effort to grow out my hair, I waited a little too long between haircuts. Thanks to that blatant neglect, as well as my heat-styling tendencies — let’s just say my hair was feeling a little… well, dead. It was getting to the point where I was having a really hard time styling it, and I always felt like it looked lifeless and frizzy. (I’m pretty sure my split ends could be spotted from a sizable distance.) That’s when I discovered a product that absolutely transformed my hair: the Ouai Treatment Mask.

To be honest, I had used one or two hair masks in the past, but I never felt like the results were noticeable, much less worth the trouble of letting your hair soak in a thick lotion-like substance. Because I had tried and loved the Ouai hair oil, I decided to pick up an eight-pack of individual-sized masks and honestly figured I’d use one and give the rest away. Before even trying them out, I gave three of them to one of my best friends and fellow beauty enthusiasts. We tried them out on the same day, and we both texted each other in full excitement at the amazing, softer-than-butter results.

The mask is super easy to use: spread it throughout your hair and let it sit for five to 10 minutes. You can be super liberal with the amount, and you can also let it stay on as long as you want. You can even apply it to wet or dry hair. I typically put it on at the beginning of a shower and rinse at the end, but I’ve also applied it before hitting the steam room at the gym and I think the results were even more amazing. According to the Ouai site, you should apply it before a workout or before you go to bed, but I’ve found that it’s hard to mess up with this product, no matter how you use it. Every time, it’s left my hair feeling soft and buttery, and looking super shiny. The results also hang on until the next time you wash your hair — and you’ll definitely be addicted to this mask after one use.

Ouai Treatment Mask
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To buy: $32; nordstrom.com

It contains smart keratin and tamarind seed extract, which help nourish and build up your strands without making them feel heavy, which is super important during the summer when light, beachy waves are the go-to. It also contains an amino acid blend, as well as artichoke leaf extract — all of which work to repair damage and seal off the hair’s cuticle to protect from future damage.

Oh, and another thing? The smell is fabulously amazing. So amazing, in fact, that the brand actually made it into a perfume. It contains notes of rose, bergamot, lychee, cedar-wood and white musk, which makes for a floral but woodsy smell that you will seriously fall in love with.

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