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The Royals: The Monarchy Takes On Philanthropy

The Royals: The Monarchy Takes On Philanthropy Image
  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 12:50 PM

On this week's episode of The Royals, the palace was all about giving back to the people.

Last night on The Royals, the monarchy took on philanthropy. After hosting two successful fashion shows last week, England's first family is doing all they can to keep up appearances that all is right in the palace—despite the fact that the kingdom may soon be abolished altogether.

Trying to stay in the public’s good graces, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) sets off on a countryside tour to meet with her son, Liam (William Moseley). With his on-off girlfriend and scheming uncle in tow, Liam and his mother hit up one village after another to do some good. Their ride? A private jet equipped with a luxe bed, because the prince needs to get his royal rest, of course.

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Meanwhile, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is all on her own back in the palace. Well, she’s not quite alone. After quickly recovering from a hangover (thanks to a handy doctor who makes house calls wielding a bedside IV drip), her royal highness heads out on a local charity tour. Accompanied by Jasper, the shady bodyguard who’s been blackmailing her with a sex tape, the far-from-sober princess stops by a retirement home, an animal shelter, and a children’s hospital.

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While her outfits consisting of short dresses and high boots don’t exactly scream monarch material, Eleanor is a hit with both the people and the press. That is, until her last charitable stop on the tour: a rehab center. Being forced to face her own demons when a patient confronts her proves to be too much for the princess, who immediately returns to her wild ways.

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But Eleanor’s not the only one getting to know her subjects. Her brother, Liam, is getting acquainted with the public too. After mistakenly assuming that a woman is pregnant (she wasn’t), the prince decides to let his personality do the talking.

As Liam befriends the locals, his mother heads to a farm, greeting its struggling owner as she cares for her sick cows. Wearing a regal red dress and a pair of grass-friendly boots, Helena treks through the fields in full-on glam mode---proving that the queen must always truly be ready for anything.

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