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The Wildly Comfortable, Celeb-Loved Bra That's Ruined All Other Bras For Me

The Spanx Bra-llelujah bra is the answer to bra straps that fall down. Celebs like Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad, and more love the super comfortable Spanx bra too.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 06:00 AM
The Wildly Comfortable, Celeb-Loved Bra That's Ruined All Other Bras For Me Image

Most women have at least one fight to pick with their bra and for me, the struggle lies with the straps.

No matter where I shopped or what size I bought, the straps on every bra I’ve ever owned always fall down, leaving me awkwardly pulling up them up through long days at my desk, job interviews, first dates, and the like. I didn’t even realize how vexing it was until I began wearing Spanx’s “Bra-llelujah” for the first time two months ago.

The “Bra-llelujah” is one of the latest bras from Spanx, which features a one-of-a-kind hosiery back design that addresses all sorts of common problems — including ill-fitting straps. And I’m not the only one who loves the comfortable bra. The game-changer has already earned an A-list following with fans like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Kelly Rowland, according to the brand.

Spanx Bra-llelujah bra
Credit: Courtesy

To buy: $68; nordstrom.com

Made with trademark SmartStretch straps, Spanx’s “Bra-llelujah” full-coverage bra is super soft, dig-free, and most importantly to me, features self-adjusting straps that never fall down. Since I started wearing it two months ago, I have not once experienced annoying slipping straps. Its hosiery back also smooths all over to create a flattering look and fit while providing strong support.

Another brilliant feature is the front-clasp, which ensures you’ll never struggle to hook that back clasp again or awkwardly swing your bra around after closing it from the front. The full-coverage bra also comes in up to a DDD cup and 40 band size, and it’s available in four different colors on the Spanx site (and two at Nordstrom).

I won’t lie—when I first saw the bra, I thought it looked a little simple and I wasn’t a fan of the wider straps. Now I wear mine under everything, and even after months of constant use, it has yet to show any signs of wear. My only wish (attention, Sarah Blakely!) is that it came in a few more colors and featured sexier design details like lace.

While I only recently discovered this game-changing bra, Hollywood was way ahead of me. Celebs like Rita Ora, Leighton Meester, Kelly Rowland, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Garner, and Jessica Alba have all worn the bra while performing or walking the red carpet. Both Rita and Kelly have even wore it with sheer shirts to show off its sleek and simple design.

Nordstrom shoppers also love it, praising its stretchy straps and calling it “the best bra ever.” In fact, its racked up tons of perfect reviews and earned a 4.5-star rating.

“This is my all time favorite go-to daily bra,” one reviewer wrote while another chimed in saying, “Hands-down my favorite bra! Doesn’t show any lines, even under the most sheer of t-shirts. And it’s so comfortable — I can’t feel it the entire day. Well worth the price!”

Spanx Bra-llelujah bra
Credit: Courtesy

To buy: $68; spanx.com

The Bra-llelujah also comes in several more styles including a wireless version, racerback design, and extra comfy bralette, giving you even more options to choose from. Those who love bold patterns and color can also stock up on Spanx’s exclusive artist print series with designs from Melissa Mitchell, Paige Gemmel, and Kim Schuessler.

When the Spanx team began creating the Bra-llelujah, they set out to design a bra that made you feel like you weren’t wearing one. And while I don’t necessarily forget that I’m wearing one entirely, loose, slipping straps are no longer a concern, and thank goodness for that. My bra is the last thing I want to be thinking about — ever.

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