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This Cute Madewell Dress Is Causing Major Controversy

Madewell is being sued by the brand The Great after ripping off a floral print that looks at lot like a poppy The Great uses on its designs.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 04:48 AM
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When we visit fast fashion stores, we typically have a goal in mind: to try out a major trend for a fraction of the price, or to give our wardrobe a boost without depleting our bank account. We know there are some articles of clothing that are *inspired* by designer duds, but when a store decides to straight-up steal (and therefore profit off of) someone else's work? That's where we really draw the line. And that's why the latest news about Madewell's floral print pieces is so disappointing.

According to The Fashion Law, The Great — AKA a clothing company founded by Current/Elliot's Emily Current and Meritt Elliott — is suing Madewell for using a pattern that is "is identical to, or substantially similar to The Great’s copyrighted design." In short, Madewell's blooming, front-facing flower, which has been featured on both dresses and shirts, looks lot like a poppy that The Greatincludes on some of its own clothing, and now, the company wants Madewell to pay back whatever money it earned off of this infringement.

The Great Floral Print Dress
Credit: Courtesy The Great

Only time will tell what will happen in this case, but, of course, Madewell isn't the only store to pull a move like this. Last year, Target was in hot water for releasing a check print that was almost identical to the signature one from Burberry, and Kim Kardashian just won a lawsuit against Missguided for creating knockoffs of her outfits.

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