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This Flattering Shorts Trend Somehow Looks Good With Every Kind of Top

This Flattering Shorts Trend Somehow Looks Good With Every Kind of Top Image
  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 22:30 PM

High waisted shorts are the short trend for summer 2020, and good thing, because they go with pretty much any kind of top. See 11 outfit ideas for how to style your high waist shorts, from jean to bike shorts, here.

So, summer as we once knew it is currently canceled, but that doesn't mean we have to miss out on all the best trends of the season. We're still able to lounge around in wallpaper dresses and accessorize with daisy details. And, as far as influencers are concerned, high-waisted shorts — whether they're of the denim variety or include a bit of spandex — are still a must-have. It's just one of those items that looks great on everyone, can be worn anywhere, and mysteriously pairs well with any kind of top.

We've already done a little research as proof, rounding up 11 different outfit ideas to try with your own high-waisted pair. Whether you enjoy ruffles and prints, or prefer to keep things simple and laid-back, you'll likely find a little something that'll suit your specific style.

Go With the Classics

Jean shorts are the one trend that comes back around each and every year. When styling your high-waisted pair, don't overthink it. Opt for a classic color combination and pair your denim with a white top. Whether you go with puff-sleeves or a button-down, it'll always look crisp, clean, and timeless.

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Suit Up

Once summer rolls around, we're all about easy, which is why we're big fans of pre-planned outfits. High-waisted shorts suits and sets require very little prep time, and there are plenty of ways to dress them up or make them more casual. If you leaning toward the latter, skip a shirt and wear a bralette or bikini top instead.

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Pull Some Old School Moves

People out there lovingly refer to this trend as 'mom shorts,' so why not pair them with your 'dad shirt,' otherwise known as a polo? Vibrant colors and bold prints will make this pairing a bit more modern, but there's nothing wrong with choosing khaki bottoms and going full 1990s.

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Swap Out Your Shoes

Strappy sandals, sneakers, and even heels are all great footwear choices to wear with high-waisted shorts. However, we love the look of longer lengths styled with boots, which is an unexpected combination. Bonus: more skin coverage will keep you warmer on cool summer days.

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Stick With a Color Scheme

We constantly rely on the monochromatic trend when we're in a jam — a single-colored outfit is not only something that's quick to put together, it also comes across as sleek and elevated. This summer, play around with incorporating prints and texture, too. A little bit of gingham and ruffles can really make an ensemble pop.

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Lounge Around

Unsurprisingly, we've been spending most of our days wearing PJs, sweats, and leggings, but the good news is, high-waisted shorts are a loungwear trend, too. We love bright, ruched, and ruffled pairs, which will no doubt look cute with your oldest, frequently worn graphic tee from high school.

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Think Big

Sometimes, we feel inclined to balance out baggy, oversized shorts with tighter shirts or crop top, but this outfit have convinced us to go a different way. An oversized sweater or sweatshirt — especially one that's a similar color to your shorts — works just as well, and also happens to be very comfy.

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Dress 'Em Up

Yes, it's possible to make these shorts look super fancy, too. If you're not in the mood for throwing on a button-down and a blazer, choose a ruffled top or something one-shouldered, which will surely help you make a statement. Then, you can add a pair of heels to make it a full outfit.

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Pile On the Extras

Bike shorts are definitely a summer 2020 staple, and they happen to pair well with every type of tank or tee. However, if you're hoping to make things a little less basic, make use of accessories. Add a fun hat, hoops, ankle socks, or even a scarf. A leather jacket will also turn this look street style ready.

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Say Yes to the Sexy Cardigan

Or, pull the same trick with a denim jacket or a button-down shirt. Simply leave a few buttons unfastened to show off your midsection — and, in this case, your high-waisted shorts, too.

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Embrace Current Trends

Let's not forget about hight-waisted, faux leather shorts, which have return as a major trend for 2020. They're extremely vesatile, but one way to wear them is with a loose muscle tank, which will help you stay cool in the summer heat.

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