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This Is the Cult-Favorite Product Lizzo Uses to Keep Her Makeup in Place

Lizzo is one the five faces of Urban Decay's new Global Citizens campaign. Read our interview with the hit singer about her favorite makeup products, what lipstick she wears while playing the flute, and more.

  • Posted on 01st Sep, 2021 04:56 AM
This Is the Cult-Favorite Product Lizzo Uses to Keep Her Makeup in Place Image

"Oh yeah baby!" Lizzo says, misting herself with a facial water spray — or so she tells me over the phone from her tour bus in the Italian countryside. "It feels so good; it's like walking through a waterfall."

After dropping her third album, Cuz I Love You, in April 2019, she's currently in the midst of a world tour. Her single "Truth Hurts" just entered the top 10, and now, she's landed her first-ever beauty campaign with Urban Decay. The need to cool down is indicative of her year so far — she's clearly on fire.

The singer joins actress Joey King, non-binary film star Ezra Miller, Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G, and South Korean pop star CL as the faces of Urban Decay's Pretty Different campaign. A celebration of every individual's uniqueness, these "Global Citizens" were chosen by the brand because of their originality and refusal to conform to society's standards of what's conventionally beautiful.

I chatted with Lizzo in-between shows about her relationship with makeup, the secret to flute-proof lipstick, and more.

This is your first beauty campaign. What was it like working with Urban Decay? 

First off, Urban Decay makes products that I love and actually swear by. Now that I have a makeup artist, I don’t really have that much makeup. I try to travel light, but the iconic purple and black Urban Decay products are what I have in my travel case and in my bathroom at home. When they approached me, I was like, 'Oh, shit. This is going to be cool.' Urban Decay is a brand that registers with my own personal brand. Everything they do is always so different, edgy, and all about being an individual. It's hardcore and rock n roll, and that's what I'm all about. I know I have a beautiful face, but I have such an explorative approach to the way that I portray my own beauty.

What Urban Decay products have you always used? 

The All Nighter Setting Spray and Double Down Brow powder kit have never left my bathroom. To be honest with you, I didn’t really know the names of things. I would just buy them because I was loyal to the products and was able to pick them out the store based on their packaging. So after I started working with Urban Decay and saw all of their products, I thought, 'Oh shit, that's what I've been using!'

You never wear the same eye makeup on stage twice. How do you choose your look every night?   

It’s all based off of my wardrobe. The cool thing about my glam team is that I just allow them them to play and seldom come in with specifics. My makeup artist Alexx Mayo asks me what I'm wearing — whether it's yellow or rainbow — and looks at me. Then, he just goes to town. That’s the beauty of letting an artist be and artist — they’re capable of creating so much.

When it comes to long-wear makeup that holds up on stage, your flute throws in a whole other factor on top of sweat and singing. What's your lipstick strategy?  

I’ll wear a liquid matte lipstick on nights that we do flute. I seldom do a cream. On top of that, we’ll add an Urban Decay Eyeshadow so that it’ll be completely flute-proof and won’t slide off my lips.

Your skin always looks amazing even with traveling so much. What's your routine? 

I just discovered Evian Facial Spray. I've been probably over-using because it feels so f*cking good. I take my makeup off every night now. I had really horrible breakouts. I know you’re probably like, Where bitch? Where is the breakout?

I had a lot of whiteheads and red irritation. This is when I was using a different makeup artist every night. I realized that the dirt from those brushes and their fingers could be contributing to my acne. Washing my makeup off and using Evian Facial Spray has been really clutch. If I still have my makeup on at 3 a.m. and I’ve been partying, I’ll put the Evian Spay on my face and it makes me want to wash everything off because it feels so good.

Also, I will say shout out to that Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, because that shit will not come off. We have to scrub off my makeup because that spray really does the job. Also, the primers are great for foundation.

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Today, you are 100 percent that bitch when it comes to your makeup and overall attitude. What was your relationship with beauty growing up? 

Growing up I was extremely experimental with makeup. I loved playing with colored eyeliners. This all started when I would get in trouble for eating my mom’s lipsticks when I was little. She quickly realized she had a showgirl on her hands who couldn’t be stopped.

I loved getting little eyeshadow palettes and using my fingers and just getting dirty. I think that’s really important. Even to this day, some of the greatest makeup artists use their fingers and that’s indicative in how you’re supposed to explore the colors and let it get messy on your face. You can always wash it off.

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