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Watch Lady Gaga's "The Cure" Lyric Video

Watch Lady Gaga's "The Cure" Lyric Video Image
  • Posted on 13th Dec, 2021 16:27 PM

The pop star dropped a lyric video for her new single, "The Cure."

Lady Gaga just saved me from becoming a bad Little Monster.

I scored tickets to her Joanne World Tour about a week ago (finally), but up until yesterday, I wasn’t fully prepared to channel her "Perfect Illusion" music video and roll around in a crop top on the floor of New York’s Citi Field stadium. Why? I hadn’t memorized the lyrics to "The Cure."

Thankfully, that's all about to change now that the 31-year-old pop star has dropped a new video for the single she debuted at Coachella. To be fair, the first few versus of the song are kind of difficult to piece together. I only really understand her when she gently whispers “so baby tell me yes” a few times and later changes the key to “I will be right by your side!” before the chorus.

In the new video, however, a mesmerizing display of typography and lyrics floats around a centered screen that finds Gaga atop a silky teal-toned couch. It’s trippy, but it gets the job done. And while you’ll want to stare at the moving words and nail each and every one of them, pay close attention to Gaga herself.

Basically, she’s dressed in a sheer blue piece with green heels and rotates around the couch moving in the same way I do once I’ve had one too many drinks on a Saturday night. It’s very Gaga, and, in my not-so-humble fanatic opinion, is everything.

Watch the full clip above—and by the way, if you're wondering how we feel about the hit, let's just say the fellow Monster above gets us.

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