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Winter Rehab: 5 Perfect Pedicures for Spring Sandals

Winter Rehab: 5 Perfect Pedicures for Spring Sandals Image
  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 12:46 PM

Five pedicure-perfect pairings with your favorite spring sandals to rehab your winter-weathered feet.

Whether or not the temperatures seem to be cooperating, the calendar tells us it’s officially springtime, which means one glorious thing: sandal season. Don’t get us wrong, we’re as ecstatic about the return of spring dresses and crop tops as the next person, but there’s something about the impending open-toed homecoming that has us dreaming in pedicure-perfect color. After a very long (and miserably frigid) winter, it’s time to prep your paws for their spring debut. So whether you’re yearning to break out a new pair of sexy wedges, or dying to get your hands on those gladiators you’ve been coveting, it’s imperative your tootsies are as sandal-ready as you are. We’re partnering with footwear experts Aquatalia and New York Fashion Week’s go-to manicurist Julie Kandalec to offer a master lesson in how to pair this season’s hottest hues with your favorite sandals.


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“When pairing a spring pedicure with a tan suede sandal, start off with a crisp, white base and highlight the color with silver sequin polka dots,” says Julie Kandalec, whose celebrity clients include the likes of Taylor Schilling and Marion Cotiliard. Julie recommends heading over to glitterunique.com to pick up some pedicure-appropriate sequins.


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“Rock a sexy two-toned wedge this spring with an accompanying blended pedicure. I like to blend two slightly contrasting colors, like red and green, using a half-and-half brush-stroke technique to add an interesting texture,” says Kandalec. To get this look, apply the two shades to opposite halves of the nail and run a clean brush down the area where the colors intersect to blend. “The more you brush, the more it will be blend.”


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“When complementing a black strappy heel with a spring pedicure, I like to pair a nude base color with a feminine gold glitter overlay,” says Kandelec. Once the base color has dried, apply a glitter coat to the base of the nail and taper thinly toward the top of the nail for a gradual effect. “When in doubt, add another coat of glitter at the base for maximum glitter impact.”


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“I love pairing bright polish with lightly colored leather sandals,” says Kandelec, who recommends keeping things simple by choosing a bright coral shade with a soft shimmer for a statement-making pedicure. “Never underestimate the power of a single, bold shade to make your toes pop.”


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“When pairing a printed sandal with a spring pedicure, choose a glittered metallic polish in a complementing tone, like this cool silver color with this blue snakeskin sneaker sandal,” says Kandelec. Incorporating a dramatic silver finish is the perfect way to contrast a masculine style with a feminine touch.

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