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'The Royals' Recap: A Fashion Face-Off in the Monarchy

'The Royals' Recap: A Fashion Face-Off in the Monarchy Image
  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 12:40 PM

From a purple dress dispute to conflicting runway shows held by the princess and the queen, the third episode of 'The Royals' has your fashion fix.

All bets were off on last night’s episode of The Royals, which saw the palace’s finest running wild during London Fashion Week. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and her scandal-loving daughter, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), repeatedly go head to head throughout the episode—and there’s certainly no love lost between the two.

First, we see the mother-daughter duo arguing over outfits for a family portrait. As the queen debates which of two purple dresses to wear, she’s greeted by her daughter—who just so happens to be sporting a sequin and feather-adorned ensemble in the exact same shade of violet. “Absolutely not,” Helena says when she sees her daughter’s outfit. “You know I’m wearing purple.”

Eleanor contends that she has the right to wear the regal shade, and with a little input from the palace’s staff, she’s triumphant. Why? Because she called “bagsy,” the British version of dibs, of course. One point for the princess.

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But there’s much more to lose when it comes to the monarchy’s true fashion showdown this week. Eleanor decides that she’s going to host her first-ever fashion show on the same night of her mother’s annual event that promotes British designers. After tricking the queen into giving up the royal palace for her runway, Eleanor makes her fashion week debut. And from glow-in-the-dark face paint masks to studs and crosses galore, her show’s dark undertones are worlds away from Helena’s classic display of pearls and white feathers across town.

Credit: Courtesy E!

Ultimately, the princess’s fashion show is crowned the evening’s winner—fitting, since she did walk the runway with "I win" written in paint on her chest—but her celebrations are soon cut short. Eleanor learns that her mother planted the tabloid stories praising her first foray into fashion just to make the monarchy look good to the public. Surprise! Really, though, the princess should have seen this one coming. Because if this show has taught us anything so far, it’s that the queen always wins.

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