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Yazbukey's Collection for Shu Uemura Is Now Available

Does pop art imitate life? Thanks to Yazbukey's fun makeup collaboration with Shu Uemura, we're about to find out.

  • Posted on 05th Apr, 2022 13:11 PM
Yazbukey's Collection for Shu Uemura Is Now Available Image

So many fun spring makeup collections have been rolling out for the season, but Yazbukey's limited-edition range for Shu Uemura is probably the most animated one we've seen yet.

Drawing upon designer Yaz Bukey's penchant for pop art-inspired statement accessories, she and the cosmetic brand have joined forces to launch a vivid 14-piece collection that includes lipsticks, shadow palettes, eye makeup, cleansing oils, and much more. Just like Bukey's theatrical runway contributions, her range with Shu Uemura started with a story. Her narrative is centered around four women with different personalities---à la Sex and the City---each getting ready to go out, not knowing they're all dating the same guy named ShuShu, which is a play on the French phrase "mon shushu" meaning "my darling." Thanks to the distinct personalities and style choices shown within each category, you can choose one that lines up closest with your own, or mix and match to channel the sexy, smart, romantic, and daring inspirations all at once.

We're particularly obsessed with the decorated faux lashes, which are a staple for the brand, and the whimsical illustrations that have become Bukey's trademark are featured on every product in the lineup. The colors inside, which Yaz personally chose, are just as bold as the exterior. It's almost as if the packaging is giving us a hint of what to expect, and of course, the fact that they add an extra dose of twee to our vanities certainly doesn't hurt.

Shop the full lineup now at shuuemura.com, and as an added perk, you can score a makeup pouch designed by Bukey (which also doubles as a clutch) with every purchase of $50 and over---just be sure to enter the code YAZPOUCH at checkout.

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