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Britney Spears Is Reportedly Writing a Tell-All Memoir

According to multiple reports, the singer is preparing to release a tell-all memoir about her career, conservatorship, and strained family...

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Sally Rooney's New Novel May Be Her Best Yet

Sally Rooney's third novel may be her best yet.

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<em>Something New Under the Sun </em>Is California Noir for Adults Who Grew Up Reading <em>Teen People</em>

Alexandra Kleeman&#x27;s second novel is California noir for adults who grew up reading Teen People.

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Megababe Beauty Founder Katie Sturino’s New Book Isn’t Your Typical Body Positivity Story

Katie Sturino&#x27;s new book &quot;Body Talk&quot; is something every woman who is trying to get over body insecurities needs to read. Learn more...

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Jessica Anya Blau Wrote the Best Book of the Summer After Being Fired by a Celebrity

Jessica Anya Blau talks to InStyle about her new book &#x27;Mary Jane,&#x27; getting fired from her celebrity ghostwriting gig, and the &#x27;70s.

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