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Blow Drying Your Lashes Is Not a Good Idea — So Please Don't Listen to TikTok

TikTok is a great platform to explore beauty trends, but some can be very dangerous and shouldn't be attempted. Case in point: blowdrying your...

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How Long Do Lash Extensions Really Last?

Lash extensions will give you long lashes without having to apply falsies every day, but how long do they last? We have the answer here.

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I Have Asian Eyelashes, and These Are the 5 Mascaras That Actually Give My Lashes Life

Writer Jennifer Li shares her top 5 mascara picks that help her lashes to hold a curl, add volume, and length. These are the best mascaras for Asian...

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6 Habits That May Be Causing Your Lashes to Fall Out

Experts explain common causes for eyelash loss and weak eyelashes. Learn how to keep your lashes long, strong, and healthy.

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What Exactly Is an Eyelash Tint?

We spoke to experts to find out everything you need to know before receiving a lash tint.

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