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"Expensive Blonde" Is Spring 2022's Biggest Hair Color Trend

Expensive blonde is the latest hair color to go viral on social media. See examples of expensive blonde hair and find out out how to care for the...

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Billie Eilish Was a Redhead for a Week and Nobody Knew It

Billie Eilish shared a glimpse at her hair journey from blonde to brunette, including her brief stint with red hair

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Kacey Musgraves Looks So Different Without Her Signature Dark Hair

The country singer debuted the new hue in the publication's winter issue.

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The Anti-Summer Hair Color That's Trending Now

Dark brown hair is trending for summer with a ton of celebrities dying their hair "mocha chocolate" brown. Find out why this unexpected...

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The "Expensive, But Effortless" Blonde Hair Color Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of

Honey wheat blonde hair is one of this summer's biggest hair color trends. Find out how to get the effortless hair color here.

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This Summer's Biggest Hair Color Trend Is So Unexpected

Celebrities can't stop dyeing their hair red. Find out why red hair is trending for summer 2021 and how to care for the color at home.

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