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Martha Stewart Says Kris Jenner's Go-to Gifts Are From Kardashian Brands

Martha Stewart talks about her latest chic collaboration with BIC and how she relaxes after a stressful day.

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Finally, Food I Can Eat

Daily Harvest makes organic plant-based pre-packaged meals that accommodate many common dietary restrictions.

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The One Self-Care Tip to Follow in 2022, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers predict 2022 is going to start off chaotic. Here, discover the one self-care tip your sign should add to their daily routine to have a...

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How One Mom with Alopecia Is Teaching Children to Accept Themselves

Alopecia can affect people at any time in their lives. Here, discover how one mom with alopecia is helping children to accept themselves as they are.

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7 Cannabis Brands That Give Back to Black Communities

There is racial inequity within the cannabis industry, and Black people are more likely to be incarcerated for marijuana possession. Here we look at...

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Bruno Mars Wants to Give People "An Outlet of Joy After Quarantine"

He has a new band with Anderson .Paak, a collaboration with Lacoste, and now with a rum project he's really trying to infuse some fun into...

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