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Gold Medalist Chloe Kim on Game Day Beauty, and Honoring Her Asian Heritage

Two-time Olympic Gold medalist Chloe Kim on how her parents helped her reach her dreams, being able to represent the Asian American community, and...

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Olympic Surfing Came 20 Years Too Late for the Surfer Girl Pop Culture Moment

Almost twenty years after 'Blue Crush' took the culture by storm, Olympic surfing is putting the sport back in the spotlight.

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2021 Olympic Uniforms, Ranked by Cheugy-ness

From Team USA's Ralph Lauren skinny jeans to Team Canada's denim trucker jackets, here's a ranking of the 2021 Tokyo Games looks.

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Last Time the Olympics Had Quarantines, They Involved Queen Elizabeth and Her Horse

The Melbourne Games of 1956 included equestrian games 10,000 miles away in Stockholm, and Queen Elizabeth was there to see her horse race.

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Black Women in Sports Deserve Better

From Sha'Carri Richardson to Brianna McNeal, Black women in sports deserve to be treated with respect rather than constant othering criticism.

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Your Next Olympic Crush Is Here

Dallas native Sha'Carri Richardson is headed to Tokyo after qualifying for the 2021 Olympics. She's now the fastest woman in America, and...

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