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Joe Alwyn Finally Addressed Those Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors

Joe Alwyn talked Taylor Swift engagement rumors during an interview with 'WSJ Magazine.'

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Joe Alwyn Revealed Why He Won't Talk About His Relationship with Taylor Swift

This week, Alwyn finally revealed why he doesn't like to talk about his relationship with Taylor Swift during an interview with Elle UK.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Shared His Thoughts on Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" Re-Release

In a new interview with 'Esquire,' the actor spoke out about the negative reaction he received from the song, a decade after he and Taylor...

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Is This Jake Gyllenhaal Photo a Direct Response to the Taylor Swift Drama?

The actor posed in all-red with matching heart-shaped sunglasses that are identical to Swift's in her '22' music video.

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Prince William Is Still Cringing Over That One Time He Sang with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi

During a special Christmas episode of Apple Fitness+'s Time to Walk series, William remembered when Taylor Swift brought him up on stage for an...

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